Cycles of Life

Nature works in cycles. As we strive to be operate in a sustainable company we have found that emulating these cycles works. It isn’t easy, but we think healthy living and knowing that the land is improving under our watch is worth the effort. Join us in our mission and you too can help save our little corner of the world!

Organic food tastes better and is healthy. Working closely with a large and varied group of talented organic growers and producers in the the region allows us to source the best seasonal food available.

We operate Thai2Go Organic Frankton, Cromwell and Timaru. Queenstown Wholefoods in Frankton and Sushi Katsu in Cromwell. All working to produce and deliver delicious meals and fresh produce using environmentally friendly methods and EV cars.

Working to reduce landfill Organic Solutions collects organic waste from participating local hotels and restaurants. Waste is safely composted and put through our worm farm, reducing volume by 90%.  

Nature at its best. By feeding millions of Red Wriggler worms at our facility, we produce rich castings that are used in local gardens, vineyards, orchards and fields to regenerate the soil. 

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New Zealand

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